Improved Student Outcomes

The scholarships and student support services we provide enable College Success Arizona scholars to graduate and enter the workforce prepared for success.

Since 2005, 66 percent of our College Success Arizona scholars have graduated from college.

This graduation rate is 13 percent higher than the Arizona average.

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We strive to increase the number of graduates who enter the Arizona workforce holding a four-year degree.

73 percent of the degrees College Success Arizona graduates earn are bachelor’s degrees, and 78 percent of our scholars who enroll in community college transfer to a four-year college or university.

College Success Arizona scholars graduate with significantly less debt than the average for students in Arizona and across the U.S.

For the 2014 cohort, the average debt at graduation was $11,000 for our scholars, compared to the $22,600 Arizona average and the $28,900 national average.

Enhanced Knowledge and Awareness

We have advanced the policy conversation around increasing Arizona’s educational attainment rate and raised awareness of Arizona’s college access and success issues.

Our reports, policy briefs, blog posts, student stories, and podcasts have broadened the information available to policymakers and the public.

Since 2015, we’ve written and produced more than 300 pieces on college access and attainment and the impact they have on students, families, and our state as a whole.

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Doubling Arizona’s Economic Growth, our landmark report on the impact of increased college attainment, has become a go-to resource for education policymakers.

The report shows how even modest increases to Arizona’s college attainment rate can have tremendous consequences for our economy through increased revenues and decreased spending on social programs.

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Strengthened Partnerships

Our work depends on supporting and mobilizing strong partnerships, allowing us to impact more students.

College Success Arizona is a key partner in the newly formed Achieve60AZ alliance.

Achieve60AZ brings together more than 60 organizations from Arizona’s business, philanthropic and education communities to increase college access and attainment, and support workforce development in our state.

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We serve more than 200 Arizona College Access Network (AzCAN) members.

We partner with these organizations work with us to strengthen the college access pipeline in Arizona and to ensure more low-income and first-generation students have the support they need to succeed beyond high school.

Meet our AzCAN Members

Our partners and AzCAN members also collaborate on crucial statewide initiatives, including efforts to increase FAFSA completion rates.

Thanks to our collective focus, Arizona was among the top ten states that showed the most growth in high school senior FAFSA completion last year, a key indicator for college access.

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