Supporting Students

We provide to scholars the financial support and advisory resources they need to enroll in college and graduate with a degree and the workforce-ready skills that will enable them to succeed.

We award scholarships to promising students from low-income families to mitigate financial barriers to college success.

Our scholarship program provides up to $6,000 per year, for four years, to students who pursue a bachelor’s degree.

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All College Success Arizona scholarship recipients are supported by a Success Adviser.

Success Advisers provide professional and personalized mentoring services that guide students through the challenges of enrolling in and completing college.

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College Success Arizona scholars benefit from a broad range of advisory services that have been proven to increase students’ likelihood of success in college.

These services support students from the time they receive a scholarship to the day they graduate, helping them meet the challenges of higher education and enter the workforce ready to thrive.

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Building Expertise

Our work building partnerships and a network of organizations, programs, and individuals in Arizona is enhancing statewide efforts to make college more accessible and success more attainable.

We are strengthening the field of college access by connecting college access programs and professionals across Arizona.

Our Arizona College Access Network (AzCAN) program facilitates greater coordination and cooperation among more than 200 member organizations and provides professional development for college access professionals.

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AzCAN has led the charge to develop and disseminate standards for college access and success practitioners.

The AzCAN College Access Standards equip PreK-16 professionals with guidance for preparing students to be college and career ready.

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Influencing Policy

We provide independent, non-partisan research and data analysis that informs policymaker decisions on issues related to college access and success.

Our data and research support policies that increase the number of low-income, first-generation, and Latino students in Arizona who enroll in and complete college.

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Our reports and policy briefs show how increased college attainment rates will drive economic growth in Arizona.

Our state would benefit from economic gains of more than $7 billion every year if we were to meet the national average for college attainment.

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